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High-Level Legal Skills in a Personalized Setting

Wendell, Paul, Maggie and Alicia bring high-level legal skills and acumen from diverse backgrounds, which range from a “one stop-sign” village in New Mexico to the city streets of Chicago. They are a unique team of legal professionals with real world experiences that have fostered a commitment to serving the people of New Mexico and Colorado. The Southwest and the Rockies became Paul's adopted home almost twenty-five years ago. New Mexico is the home Wendell has always known and will always be home for Maggie and Alicia. The Southwest and the Rockies became Paul's adopted home more than twenty years ago. With offices in New Mexico and Colorado and deep ties to the cultures and peoples of the area, each of the lawyers at Lane + Linnenburger + Lane strives to make the communities they know and love better, fairer, and more just places to live and raise a family.  

Collectively, Wendell, Paul, Maggie and Alicia bring almost six decades of experience to the practice of law. They are experienced litigators and mediators with a reputation for the utmost fairness, as well as for top-shelf writing, analysis, and strategy. If you need experienced sex abuse, civil rights, criminal defense, professional licensing or alternative dispute resolution lawyers and are searching for the quality service of a big firm, delivered with the personalized service of a small one, then Lane + Linnenburger + Lane LLP is the solution.

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