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Practice Areas

Criminal Defense - Federal and State

Federal and State Criminal Defense

The attorneys of Lane + Linnenburger + Lane LLP bring a unique combination of courtroom and trial skills, legal acumen, and negotiation savvy to each and every criminal case. Our lawyers reputation for excellence and vigorous defense of justice are well-earned in the federal and state courts, at the trial level, on appeal, and in post-conviction proceedings. It is rare to find one firm with the skill and background to competently handle a case at all levels, and to succeed at each. But with Lane + Linnenburger + Lane you get just that - trial lawyers that excel in the courtroom combined with some of the strongest legal minds and writers in the Southwest and Rockies.

When the full power of the government is aligned against you, it does not matter if the charges are simple misdemeanors, narcotics offenses, white collar offenses, or homicide, you need the strongest legal team aligned with you. Our lawyers have the skills and knowledge to level the playing field, and our unique three-pronged approach to every case will ensure you receive the best possible representation. 

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