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Civil Rights and Wrongful Death Litigation

Civil Rights and Wrongful Death Litigation

Lane + Linnenburger + Lane represents and supports plaintiffs seeking to recover damages from government actors for the violation of their constitutional rights under state and federal law. 

Pursuing claims against the government requires seasoned attorneys who understand the intricacies of civil rights law, the abbreviated statutes of limitation for certain claims against government actors, as well as how to litigate assertions of qualified immunity. Civil Rights litigation is highly specialized and complex with a web of overlapping laws at the state and federal level. You need capable lawyers familiar with the laws who are also comfortable and experienced in both the state and federal courts. 

The attorneys of Lane + Linnenburger + Lane have extensive experience representing plaintiffs in a wide array of civil rights litigation, including cases of police misconduct, excessive force and denial of treatment to incarcerated individuals, cases involving minor students who were physically and sexually abused by teachers and coaches, Title IX cases, and cases involving discrimination by government actors. Our lawyers have successfully pursued claims against schools, law enforcement, and jails and prisons.


We are currently investigating and litigating cases against public educational institutions, including claims involving:

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