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Archdiocese of Santa Fe Proposes Bankruptcy Settlement With Survivors

In December 2018, faced with an impending trial involving a collection of survivors of priest sexual abuse from Las Vegas, New Mexico, who were represented by a legal team including Lane Linnenburger Lane partner Paul Linnenburger, the Archdiocese of Santa Fe sought the protection of the United States Bankruptcy Code. Although hundreds of survivors came forward to file claims, those involved believed there were hundreds more that maintained their silence.

This week, the Archdiocese and the committee representing survivors announced a proposed settlement has been reached which will provide for $121.5 Million for survivors. Importantly, the Archdiocese has also committed to release its archives to the public.

For more than three years Paul helped dozens of survivors navigate the process, fighting hard to hold the Archdiocese accountable despite the advantages provided to it by the bankruptcy system. "The bankruptcy system was never designed to address matters like this. It is dehumanizing to survivors and perpetuates revictimization. The Church gets to wipe the slate clean, but survivors will never have that chance. Their slate has been forever marred, and no amount of money can change that," he said.

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