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Lane + Linnenburger + Lane Gives Control Back to Survivors

Santa Fe and northern New Mexico suffer from an epidemic of child sex abusers in the schools. Robert Apodaca is the latest in an almost unbroken line of educators charged with using their position as a trusted member of the schools to prey upon our children. He faces charges of molesting at least four boys, including rape of a brave survivor represented by Lane + Linnenburger + Lane.

We at Lane + Linnenburger + Lane understand the legal system can be part of the healing process. At the most basic level, the legal system can provide support and validation to survivors that are questioning themselves and their experiences. When approached in the right way, the legal system provides personal accountability - the kind of accountability that arises when a perpetrator admits "I did this. This happened. Your experience is valid." Or when a jury declares "it happened. Your experience is valid. You are heard."

When, as with the Apodaca cases, survivors have the opportunity to obtain this accountability while they are still young, it is vital that prosecutors within the system draw a hard line in the sand. Too many times we encounter survivors with broken spirits decades later who continue to struggle with missing the opportunity for accountability as children. Rather than insist on accountability, Apodaca was offered a plea deal that would have robbed three brave survivors of the opportunity for validation and accountability.

That was not justice. Our client, a child, saw through it. We were not willing to stand by and let this happen without survivors being heard. Lane + Linnenburger + Lane is humbled to be associated with these brave survivors. They spoke up. We forced the levers of power to listen. The court rejected the plea and survivors regained control. Read the Santa Fe New Mexican story through the link below.

You are not alone. You have a voice. We will make them listen. You have power. We will make it felt. You have control. We will see it exercised.

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