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Lane + Linnenburger + Lane Partner Paul Linnenburger Speaks to the Importance of Accountability and Validation to Survivors

At Lane + Linnenburger + Lane our approach is unique. In representing survivors of sexual abuse and misconduct we work hard to empower our clients so they can again discovery their inner strength and move forward in the healing process. We understand that overcoming the trauma of sexual abuse means addressing the feelings of powerlessness and loss of control. We understand that monetary enrichment of survivors may be the force that drives institutions to change their ways, but that the true benefit to survivors is personal enrichment through empowerment. It is regaining the control that was taken from you.

Partner Paul Linnenburger recently spoke with various outlets concerning one client's quest for justice, accountability and validation.

If you are a survivor, know that you are heard here. Your experiences are real and deserving of validation and those that are responsible must be held accountable.

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