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Partner Maggie Lane Named to List of Top Civil Litigation Attorneys in New Mexico

Congratulations to Maggie Lane, one of Lane + Linnenburger + Lane's founding partners, who was recently named a Top 100 civil plaintiff attorney by The National Trial Lawyers.

In over a decade of experience, Maggie has been at the forefront of civil rights and sex abuse litigation. She honed her legal mind first as a law clerk to then-Justice Patricio M. Serna of the New Mexico Supreme Court and then in the federal courtrooms of New Mexico working to hold teachers, schools, coaches, and law enforcement accountable.

Maggie has developed a reputation for her creative and fearless approach to holding public institutions and public agents accountable. Her efforts vigorously representing survivors of sex abuse at the hands of public actors, teachers, schools, and officers, firmly established a path to justice for survivors and continue to drive institutional change.

Maggie was a founding member of Lane + Lane, which became Lane + Linnenburger + Lane in 2021, and her infectious drive for justice has left an imprint on every facet of Lane + Linnenburger + Lane.

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