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Partner Paul Linnenburger Named to List of Top Criminal Defense Attorneys in New Mexico

Congratulations to Paul Linnenburger, Lane + Linnenburger + Lane's newest partner, who was recently named a Top 100 criminal defense attorney by The National Trial Lawyers.

Paul has nearly 17 years of experience representing persons accused of crimes in all levels of the criminal justice system in both state and federal courts. He began his criminal defense career as a new lawyer with the Blackburn Law Office in 2005 by taking lead responsibilities for briefing of a complex appeal concerning funding of indigent defense for capital cases in the groundbreaking New Mexico case of State v. Young, 2007-NMSC-058, 143 N.M. 1, 172 P.3d 138. That decision forever altered how New Mexico would fund indigent criminal defense in the years that followed.

Since those early days, Paul has developed a reputation for creative approaches to defense of complex cases and earned the respect of prosecutors and judges alike. He has fought and pushed on behalf of many clients over the years and proven he ican obtain positive results when situations and cases seem dire, all while maintaining a commitment to indigent defense.

After 16 years of practice, Paul joined Lane + Linnenburger + Lane in 2021 and did not miss a beat. He continues to provide top shelf representation to those accused of crimes at the state and federal level and during the trial and post-conviction processes.

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