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Protecting Sex Abuse Survivors When the System Fails

Updated: May 12, 2023

We believe the justice system must play a key role in protecting the children of Northern New Mexico from what has become an epidemic of child sexual abuse in our schools and institutions. To address this, it is incumbent on our elected officials and others within the criminal justice system to ensure that perpetrators are held accountable for all their acts of abuse. To achieve justice, it is crucial that they do so in a way that supports and empowers survivors of sexual abuse.

Survivors of child sexual abuse are often left with crippling feelings of isolation. Their pain, embarassment, misdirected self-blame, and trauma leaves them believing they are alone. As a result, sexual offenses mostly go unreported, particularly offenses against children. There are already laws in place to empower survivors to come forward. They must be enforced.

As reported in the Santa Fe New Mexican (link below), here at Lane + Linnenburger + Lane we are protecting sex abuse survivors when the system fails to do so. You have a voice, do not let it be silenced.

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