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Skilled and experienced attorneys representing clients throughout New Mexico and Colorado,
Lane + Linnenburger + Lane combines personalized service with exceptional advocacy. 

Practice Areas and Services OffereD

Introducing our law firm


Sex Abuse Litigation

Representing the victims of abuse at the hands of those in positions of power, including religious leaders, educators, law enforcement, and other government actors.


Criminal Defense and Professional Licensing

Representing those accused of criminal offenses and professionals facing administrative action against licensure.


Civil Rights Litigation

Representing the victims of police brutality and misconduct, and other violations of civil rights at the hands of government actors.


Appeals and

Representation in civil, criminal, and administrative appeals, as well as postconviction matters.


Mediations and Facilitation

Skilled mediation and facilitation services.


Gaming and Racing

Representing individual and business licensees in the gaming and horse racing industries.

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