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Lane + Linnenburger + Lane Supporting Survivor in Search of Answers from NMSU

Lane + Linnenburger + Lane joined forces with the Law Office of Meredith Baker in a recent suit against NMSU, former Professor Joseph Berning and others. The suit alleges the University had reports that Joseph Berning was engaging in sexually aggressive and inappropriate contact with female students for years, including a Title IX investigation in 2013, but did not meaningfully discipline him or otherwise ensure female students were safe.

One courageous survivor stepped forward in 2021 and set in motion a process that would ultimately lead to Professor Berning leaving NMSU. Despite a comprehensive Title IX investigation that suggested ongoing misconduct, Berning was permitted to retire and quietly leave the University without facing his accuser at a hearing or being subjected to discipline. Despite her valiant efforts, this survivor had the opportunity for validation that is so crucial to healing taken away without justification. As the lawsuit sets forth, such treatment is an unconstitutional denial of justice for the survivor.

That survivor now wants accountability, and Lane + Linnenburger + Lane is helping her in her quest for justice. She will not stay silent. And we will be here to amplify her voice.

Release below.

Download PDF • 107KB

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