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Legal Action Helps Robert Apodaca Survivor and Can Change Culture That Allowed Him to Abuse Children

Robert Apodaca found institutions that gave him access to children to groom and abuse. He also found institutions that would allow him to groom and abuse children without repercussions. The institutions he found safe harbor in included several with troubling histories of sheltering child sex abusers and included Santa Fe Public Schools, the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, the Boy Scouts of America. These institutions and organizations were already paying out millions of dollars to survivors of other predators from within, and yet they ignored the red flags and warnings surrounding Robert Apodaca. An unknown number of children had their lives forever changed by his predatory acts when the adults within those institutions looked the other way, silenced concerns, and protected Robert Apodaca.

We at Lane + Linnenburger + Lane firmly believe that the only way to change the culture that fosters child sexual abusers within these institutions is through legal action. Survivors must come forward and demand accountability and meaningful systemic reform. We are here to amplify the voices of survivors and we will relentlessly pursue justice and whatever it takes to protect innocent children from the next Robert Apodaca.

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